Exploding Sun – Grammy Nominated

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Exploding Sun is a three piece alternative rock band from Virginia Beach that has really stood the test of time in the Hampton Roads music scene. They began with a record release in the mid 90’s, which was recorded and produced at Windmark studios in Virginia Beach.


Fast forward to current time and you’ll still find them uncorking tunes in the studio and live with the same unbridled passion, only now with a more seasoned and refined approach. Their music speaks to the heart and the head and is driven by a traditional rock n roll engine. Big choruses, emotionally charged vocals and explosive guitar work bring their songs to life and help make them catchy and unforgettable.


The band has a big live sound, especially for a trio and they can really fill a room. A tight rhythm section colored in with innovative, edgy guitar sounds and soulful vocals gives them a current and intriguing quality that exploding-sun-drummerreally must be heard in a live setting to get the full effect. As you listen to Exploding Sun you’ll notice that there is a certain authenticity about them that has likely come from the many years of writing, recording and performing live. Not only have they gigged locally and regionally for a long time, but their records have seen multiple spins on multiple stations, which clearly demonstrates their ability to craft great songs with an overall commercial appeal.


Their most recent effort, an independent release called “Taken By Day” is no exception and is probably their best out of six full length albums. Big news about this record, which is now available on iTunes, Amazon and Spotify will be released in the beginning of 2014 so stay tuned. Exploding Sun is primarily an all original band, but they frequently play cover gigs. If you like Social Distortion, U2, REM, Cracker and Hendrix you’ll get an ample dose of that along with some other awesome renditions of undeniably great songs that you typically don’t hear.


Their live performance draws the crowd in and at times, even up on to the stage, just to add to the excitement and spontaneity of the show. Sometimes it’s musicians, sometimes singers and sometimes it’s just your average Joe or Sally who feels the need to be a bar star for the night. It’s good to see a band with such an extensive back catalog get out and have a good time playing covers and also have the ability to fall back on a whole host of really good original songs when folks want to hear them.


exploding-sun-bass-playerAn Exploding Sun show is a good time and you never know what to expect, other than just having fun and watching three guys grind out some great tunes, doing what they love and know best.


Check em out on Facebook / Exploding Sun, reverbnation.com/explodingsun, Twitter@explodingsunroc.



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